Newswire: Mission: Impossible 5 gets a new name and a teaser trailer

Every few years, Tom Cruise issues a reminder that he used to be a pretty likable movie star in the form of another Mission: Impossible sequel. Truly, it’s a testament to the power of a good action flick that people are willing to ignore years of Scientology-related freakouts just to see Tom Cruise strap on some magnetic gloves and climb up a building. Cruise’s latest peace-offering to those of us who haven’t gone Clear, Mission: Impossible 5, suffered a setback recently, but things are back on track and the film now has a hot, new name and a teaser trailer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie has now been christened Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, and if you think that name is a little too close to Star Wars: Rogue One, then congratulations! You might be as easily confused as Hollywood thinks you are. THR says Paramount …

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