Newswire: Mindy Kaling is working on an NBC pilot about hot brothers

Mindy Kaling is still keeping The Mindy Project trucking along, all while working on a movie alongside Emma Thompson and starring in Ocean’s Eight. Now she has a potential series in the works at NBC about two (we assume) hot dudes who happen to be brothers. Kaling is sharing writing duties with her Mindy executive producer Charlie Grandy, and according to Deadline, the show will following “a charismatic gym owner with no ambition who lives with his younger brother, a gorgeous idiot.” While it doesn’t specify whether the “gym owner” is also an impressive physical specimen, we’re going to guess “charismatic” implies as much. And, of course, he’s made a career out of fitness, so he’s probably at least built. These two chill dudes are forced to recalibrate their lives when–shock—the elder’s son enters their world. “Surprise child” isn’t exactly a …

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