Newswire: Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter join the all-female Ocean’s Eleven film

Gary Ross and Sandra Bullock have calmly been assembling an all-female heist crew for their all-female heist film that’s more of a “continuation” of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. When news about the project first broke last fall, Ross (The Hunger Games) was attached to direct, and Bullock announced as George Clooney’s successor in the role of lead con artist. And at the time, the film was dubbed an “all-female remake” of the 2001 movie, which was itself a remake. But it turns out Bullock is playing Ocean’s “ex-con sister,” who will lead a heist and crew of her own, which presumably means no childhoods or adolescences will be ruined in the making of the film (you win this round, nostalgia?).

But there’s even more good news, as Showbiz 411 has confirmed that Cate Blanchett is now firmly aboard the project as Bullock’s right hand …

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