Newswire: Millennials still go to the movies, they’re just too cool to talk about it

Recently, The Atlantic posted a story titled “Hollywood Has A Huge Millennial Problem” that blamed the movie industry’s box-office woes on young people who are “abandoning movies faster than any other group.” As the article says, millennials are simply too interested in “mobile devices and apps” to bother going to see movies that aren’t reboots or sequels like Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens, which drives Hollywood to make more reboots and sequels even when they’re not as profitable as the studios hope. Naturally, these reboots and sequels then become more and more expensive as the studios try to distract millennials from their Snapchats, Instagrams, and official Chick-Fil-A apps.

However, Deadline says the problem isn’t that millennials are too interested in their phones to go to the movies, the problem is that they’re too interested in their phones to tell people that they’re …

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