Newswire: Mile High Comics is leaving the San Diego Comic-Con after 44 years

Over the past couple of decades, the San Diego Comic-Con has undergone a profound change, from a relatively low-key gathering of avid comics readers to one of the world’s biggest launching pads for multi-billion-dollar pop-culture properties. Mile High Comics, the retailer profiled in Morgan Spurlock’s 2012 documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, has stuck it out through all these changes, and has exhibited at the con every year since 1973. Until this year, anyway.

In a post on the Mile High website, owner Chuck Rozanski writes, “for the first time in 44 years, we will not be exhibiting at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.” He explains the decision in terms of economics, saying that “San Diego has grown far beyond its original premise, morphing from what was originally a wonderful annual gathering of the comics world, into a world-renown[ed] pop culture and media festival …

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