Newswire: Mila Kunis sued for stealing chicken

For 25 years now, Mila Kunis has been allowed to run free through the California hills, without ever once being captured and put down for stealing chickens—the only thing separating her from a coyote being a really good agent. But finally, justice may be levied in the amount of $5,000, which is how much Kunis is currently being sued for, on the damning charge of chicken theft. It’s hoped that this $5,000 will then act as a deterrent toward Mila Kunis stealing any more chickens in the future, along with a much stronger fence.

Details of Kunis’ chicken thievery have been brought to light by Kristina Karo, an aspiring singer and person who knows how to exploit the Internet, who claims that the two were once childhood friends in Ukraine. Back then, Karo says that Kunis would come by her family’s chicken farm to play …

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