Newswire: Mike Pence: Vice president, former governor, AOL email user

Like the one grandkid at Thanksgiving dinner cursed with a decent grasp of computers, the American political consciousness has become increasingly overwhelmed over the last few years with stories about emails and how certain individuals do or do not understand how they work. The most notable of these, of course, was the Hillary Clinton email scandal, in which the words “private email server”—and not, say, “grab them by the pussy,” or any of the billion or so other objectionable phrases that periodically gush out of the mouth of our current Commander-In-Chief—somehow became 2016’s version of Watergate.

But Hillary Clinton isn’t the only high-profile figure with a blurred line between “public” and “personal” email accounts, apparently, because IndyStar reports that, back when Vice President Mike Pence was governor of Indiana, he frequently conducted state business from his private email account. The IndyStar report buries the lede here …

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