Newswire: Mike & Molly has reportedly been canceled

As reported by Variety, Mike & Molly‘s Rondi Reed posted an update on Facebook a few days ago claiming that CBS had canceled the series, with the final episode set to finish taping near the end of January. Mike & Molly will then be ending after its current season, which is the show’s sixth, though Reed says she doesn’t know “when/if the episodes will all be aired.” CBS hasn’t officially announced anything like this yet, but Reed says the cast and crew have known “for a few weeks” and that creator Chuck Lorre’s production company has already explored “other venues” for keeping the show alive post-CBS. Those other venues—presumably Netflix/Hulu/Yahoo Screen—didn’t pan out, so now the show will apparently be done for real once these last episodes air.

CBS cut the episode order for Mike & Molly from 22 …

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