Newswire: Migos were reportedly removed from a Delta flight tonight

Somewhere, a skittish, harried Delta Airlines PR flack just felt something bad (and boujee) crawl across their grave, as news broke tonight that the airline had gotten into an altercation with the members of culturally ascendant rap trio Migos. Per Variety, the members of the group were on their way from Atlanta to Des Moines for a concert tonight, when they were kicked off a Delta flight because, according to a statement issued by the airline, they “repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins.”

According to the band’s manager—who can be heard ripping into Delta employees on a video that was posted to the internet by TMZ—the three members of the group arrived in their first class seats and promptly fell asleep. (Hence why they couldn’t respond to crew instructions for Takedown to move …

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