Newswire: Midnighter navigates a deadly gauntlet in this Midnighter & Apollo exclusive

Villains should know not to mess with Midnighter at this point, and they should definitely know not to mess with his lover, Apollo, if they don’t want to beaten, maimed, and most likely killed. As the man who put a microscopic fight-computer in Midnighter’s brain, Henry Bendix should be very aware of the dangers of messing with the hyper-violent antihero, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a thorn in Midnighter’s side. Bendix has orchestrated a plot to kill Apollo and trap Midnighter in a gauntlet in the new Midnighter And Apollo miniseries, setting the stage for the thrilling action sequence that opens this week’s issue.

Writer Steve Orlando has done fantastic work coming up with exciting situations for Midnighter to fight his way out of, and the two-page spread at the top of this Midnighter And Apollo #2 preview compresses a multitude of deadly …

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