Newswire: Microsoft’s virtual assistant doesn’t want to hear your sexist nonsense

Reminding us all that there’s no female-voiced object so inanimate that dudes somewhere won’t try to flirt with it, condescend to it, or otherwise harass it, the team behind Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has said that they’ve gone out of their way to discourage such chauvinistic behaviors in users. Talking at the ReWork Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco last week, Cortana writer Deborah Harrison revealed that large portions of users’ interactions with the service—first introduced in 2014—are taken up by sexual harassment of the fake, bodiless woman who lives in their phones, and that the writing team that pens her dialogue has done its best to wave them off.

“If you say things that are particularly assholeish to Cortana, she will get mad,” Harrison told attendees. “That’s not the kind of interaction we want to encourage.” The team apparently spoke to actual …

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