Newswire: Microsoft shows off new games from makers of Max Payne, Devil May Cry

Microsoft had plenty of Xbox games to push at E3 back in June, but the publisher held off a couple of its most intriguing projects, choosing instead to unleash them this morning during its media event at the Gamescom conference in Germany. Quantum Break, the new game from Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment, kicked off the festivities.

It was the first we’ve seen of this time-manipulating shooter since last year’s Gamescom, and it looks to have gotten a major makeover. Gone is the generic 30-something hero of prior demos. He’s been replaced by the slightly less generic 30-something visage of Shawn Ashmore—Iceman from the X-Men movies—who is portraying the main character, Jack Joyce, in both the game and the live-action TV series tie-in. When a time travel experiment goes wrong, Joyce, now gifted with the power to freeze time, leaps into action in an attempt …

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