Newswire: Microsoft reveals name of its latest browser that you won’t use

Today at its annual developer conference, Microsoft revealed “Microsoft Edge” as the name of its latest web browser that you won’t use. Previously codenamed “Project Spartan,” Microsoft Edge is a streamlined Internet Explorer successor that will bring features such as built-in annotations to Explorer’s customer base of confused senior citizens and corporate worker bees who are not allowed to install software on their work computers.

Microsoft hailed the newly christened browser with a “sizzle reel” video that invites users to “blur the edge … between standing still and moving forward,” an act formerly known as leaning. The video shows glimpses of the many enhancements that you will blithely forgo as you instead browse the web using Chrome, Firefox, or maybe even Opera. Those innovations include integration of Cortana (Microsoft’s digital assistant) and tabs that show you pictures of webpages as you mouse over them. The Cortana features look …

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