Newswire: Microsoft has finally finished eradicating The Zune from the galaxy

In March of 2011, Microsoft effectively executed the Zune, its unpopular iPod competitor, by announcing that it would no longer be releasing new versions of the Zune hardware due to “tepid demand.” As far as most people were concerned, this was the end of the Zune, and it quickly faded into the myths and legends of a society that had already moved on to bigger and better things (made by Apple).

Against all odds, though, the Zune desperately clung to what little life it had left, surviving on the memory of the people who convinced themselves they liked it. Sure, nobody was making new Zunes, but Microsoft was still taking care of the existing owners. They could still stream and download music for a flat fee, which was the Zune’s big selling point in an age before we had watches (made by Apple) that could do way cooler stuff …

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