Newswire: Microsoft announces not 1, but 2 new Xboxes to make yours obsolete

Microsoft had a ton of games to show off at its E3 conference, but the biggest news is that the company is introducing two new models of the Xbox One. Confirming the rumors that have been swirling for months, a slimmer version of the console, called the Xbox One S, will be hitting shelves starting in August with a $400 limited edition that includes a 2 TB hard dive. Later in the year it’ll come in 1 TB and 500 GB flavors for $350 and $300, respectively. Given the immensity of that original box—you might remember A.V. Club editor-in-chief John Teti describing it as “a hulking golem”—this is a welcome revision, and Microsoft is taking the opportunity to add some extra bells and whistles, like 4K Blu-ray support and a built-in power supply so you don’t have to find space for one of those giant …

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