Newswire: Microchipping employees isn’t creepy at all, Wisconsin company claims

Here’s a totally normal and reasonable thing that doesn’t point to any disturbing trends towards mass surveillance of citizens by a Big Brother-esque police state: The Chicago Tribune reports that Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based company that develops software used in vending machines, is asking employees to volunteer to have a RFID (Radio Frequency ID) microchip implanted between their thumb and forefinger. The company, which will cover the $300 implantation fee for everyone who signs up, says the chip is an opportunity to test out some of its own self-checkout technology, with the chip serving as a next-level version of the smartphone pay technology Hannibal Buress uses to buy sandwiches on TV.

The chip can also open doors and log in to computers with a wave of the hand, which is pretty cool, and can store identifying information about its host that TSM chief executive Todd Westby says …

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