Newswire: Michelle Rodriguez says she’s out unless Fast And Furious revs up female characters

Over the course of the Fast & The Furious franchise’s evolution from a drag-racing crime drama to the most over-the-top display of mechanical excess this side of the Transformers movies, Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz has remained a constant. First introduced in The Fast And The Furious as main man Dom’s (Vin Diesel) girlfriend, over the course of eight movies her character has evolved into, um, Dom’s wife. A skilled street racer in her own right, Letty is the only original female character left over from the first film, although she’s been relegated to the background for much of the past few films. And Rodriguez is getting bored with it.

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In a post on Instagram earlier this week, Rodriguez essentially threatened to hit the gas and drive away if Fast & Furious doesn’t “show some love to the women of the franchise …

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