Newswire: Michael Moore unveiled his trip to Trumpland in New York City last night

It’s hard enough for an established music star to put together a surprise album release, but it must be even trickier for a name-brand filmmaker to assemble a surprise movie release. Yet that’s just what Michael Moore has done: Yesterday he announced the existence of his new film Michael Moore In Trumpland, adding that a free preview screening would be held that evening at the IFC Center in Manhattan, ahead of a theatrical release beginning the next day at that same venue and at the Laemmle Town Center Five in the Los Angeles area. We’ll have a review of the film shortly.

At the movie’s de facto, seemingly impromptu New York premiere, Moore spoke before and after the screening, before a crowd of press, volunteers, and line-waiters who stuck it out for hours on an unseasonably warm fall day for tickets. The crowd outside …

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