Newswire: Michael Keaton might play the bad guy in Dumbo

We will have our Tim Burton and Michael Keaton reunion, it seems, but it won’t be in a Beetlejuice sequel (or another Batman movie, which is too bad). According to Variety, Keaton’s in talks to star in Burton’s latest, the partially live-action Dumbo movie. If all goes well, the Birdman star will play the man who buys the circus—which Dumbo and his mom belong to—from Danny DeVito’s character. This enterprising character is reportedly the villain of the piece, which fits in well with Keaton’s recent bad-guy streak: He followed up his role in The Founder by signing on to play Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Ehren Krueger, the Transformers franchise scribe who also worked on the Ghost In The Shell remake‘s script, is writing the new Dumbo movie, which promises to mix animation with live action. Colin Farrell and Eva Green are still …

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