Newswire: Michael Ironside will play Captain Cold’s dad on The Flash

One of the fun things about DC’s comic book universe is that it has been around for so long that even the smallest background character has probably had at least a panel or two dedicated to them and their backstory. However, in all of the decades that comic books have been around, a handful of people have fallen through the cracks. For whatever reason, no one gave them a story when they were first introduced, nobody thought to bring them up during one of DC’s many universe-wide reboots, and no clever writer has introduced a ridiculous retcon that explains how they’ve been secretly masterminding every bad thing that has ever happened to the Justice League.

One such character is the unnamed father of Leonard Snart, the classic Flash villain who is better known as Captain Cold. He fathered the future Captain Cold, he was abusive, and that …

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