Newswire: Michael Cera will play Robin in Lego Batman

Today in news that seems like it has been destined to happen ever since Will Arnett was cast as Batman in The Lego Movie, The Hollywood Reporter says that Arnett’s Arrested Development nephew, Michael Cera, has just been cast as Robin in the Lego Batman spinoff movie. Based on this casting, it seems safe to assume that this version of Robin will be an edgier take on the Boy Wonder that fits with Cera’s tough-guy persona—or, who knows, maybe he’ll play against type as a more awkward, nerdy Robin. Lego Batman will be directed by Chris McKay, the first movie’s animation director, from a script written by Seth Grahame-Smith.

That’s not the only Michael Cera news that’s going around, though. THR also says that he has picked up the rights to Masters Of Atlantis, a novel written by True Grit’s Charles Portis …

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