Newswire: Michael Bolton is developing a “modern-day Three’s Company” for ABC

That no-talent ass clown Michael Bolton—who has sold more than 75 million records, released eight top 10 albums, and two number one singles on the Billboard charts—is coming to series television.

Deadline reports that Housesitters, a multi-camera comedy executive produced by Bolton, has been put into development by ABC. The show is described as a “modern-day Three’s Company meets Two Broke Girls.” (Two Broke Girls is a modern-day Laverne & Shirley meets every other CBS sitcom.) The description “modern-day” can be translated to mean that, unlike the original, the characters on this show will actually have sex, and there will be fewer tacky jokes about homosexuality. There should still be misunderstandings galore, however, and hopefully plenty of breaking the fourth wall in that classic Norman Fell style.

Bolton has had a bit of a career resurgence as of late, playing up his pop balladeer persona in Target …

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