Newswire: Michael Biehn has signed on for Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie

Ever since director Neill Blomkamp found that magic lamp and wished himself into directing a new Alien movie, he’s been emphasizing how much his planned film—officially the franchise’s fifth—would be a return to the form defined by James Cameron’s Aliens. It’s now been confirmed that he’ll be hewing even more closely to said form by employing one of the people who helped make it, with the news that Michael Biehn will be joining the new movie’s cast. Biehn played stoic survivor Corporal Hicks in Cameron’s film, the only member of Ellen Ripley’s Marine escort to survive the “bug hunt” at the infested colony of Hadley’s Hope.

Of course, 1992’s Alien 3, which Blomkamp has repeatedly asserted his film won’t ignore or negate, showed that Hicks died during the crash that stranded Ripley on the prison planet Fury …

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