Newswire: Michael Bay’s newest Transformer makes its explosion-free debut

Michael Bay showed an uncharacteristic amount of restraint recently when he unveiled the newest addition to the Autobot squad. Rather than airdrop the bot into a press conference or sending it racing out of a burning building, Bay simply posed for a picture with it. The director then shared the photo on his Instagram account, presumably while making squealing guitar sounds or yelling “Boom!” when he clicked “share.” Behold Squeeks, the most fuel-efficient Transformer ever:

Bay and Squeeks are joined by Isabela Moner, who’s made her way from Nickelodeon’s 100 Things To Do Before High School to star in the blockbuster as Izabella, a “street-smart tomboy” whose only companion is the anthropomorphized moped. (Basically, she’s the Rey/Anakin/Luke of the Transformers universe). It’s very likely that something was blown up immediately before or after this picture was taken, so Bay probably got his fix.

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