Newswire: Metallica named 2016’s Record Store Day ambassador

Record Store Day—one of the few holidays that openly admits it’s all about buying things—is coming on April 16, and Metallica has been named the official ambassador of the day and its various festivities. Basically, that means Metallica is the Easter Bunny of Record Store Day this year, at least in terms of marketing. The band will be out there promoting record stores and putting its name on stuff, but sadly the members won’t be sneaking into your house at night and hiding brightly colored vinyl records everywhere. Well, they might, but not for Record Store Day.

As part of the celebration, Metallica and participating record stores will be partnering up with the Give For France charity to raise money for the victims of the November 13 terrorist attack in Paris, and the band will be releasing a special live album called Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica …

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