Newswire: Meryl Streep proves she can even handle playing Donald Trump

Perhaps as a practice run for what will surely be an Oscar-worthy performance in some future Donald Trump biopic, Meryl Streep recently took the stage during New York’s Public Theater Gala event in Central Park wearing a full Trump costume. Streep put on a fat suit, did a crazy thing to her hair, covered her face in some ridiculous self-tanning stuff, and even wore an her ill-fitting suit jacket that gave off a bit of the “tiny hands” thing. According to an Entertainment Weekly report, Streep appeared alongside Christine Baranski—who was apparently wearing a Hillary Clinton costume, though it wasn’t nearly as elaborate—to perform a version of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate. Appropriately, the duet is about learning how to impress women, and it kicked off with Streep (doing a Trump voice, of course) asking Baranski “why it is all …

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