Newswire: Mercedes-Benz pulls ads from O’Reilly Factor over harassment allegations

The last few days have been pretty brutal for Fox News from a public relations standpoint, as the disgusting, rotten core of the news organization is becoming clearer and clearer. Over the weekend, the network renewed Bill O’Reilly’s contract despite reports that he and Fox News have paid about $13 million in harassment settlements, and then earlier today, another contributor filed a lawsuit claiming that she had been denied a promotion after refusing to have sex with former network president Roger Ailes.

Now, Mercedes-Benz has announced that the many harassment allegations made against O’Reilly are too “disturbing” for it to ignore, so it has decided to pull all of its ads from The O’Reilly Factor. In a statement given to CNN Money, the car company said that it runs ads on “most major cable news shows,” but due to “the importance of women in every aspect …

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