Newswire: Meow The Jewels has arrived, all hail Meow The Jewels

To quote the Christian Bible (approximately): Ye know not the hour nor the day, when Killer Mike and El-P may choose to drop the world’s first “cat-rap” album on an unsuspecting Earth. At least, you didn’t until tonight, when the hip-hop duo, better known as Run The Jewels, did exactly that, unleashing their catnip-craving masterpiece Meow The Jewels upon the world.

The band’s unofficial album announcement said they’d have a formal press release to support the album available on Monday, but we’ll take a shot at one right now: This is Run The Jewels 2, remixed with a wide variety of cat sounds, and released for free on the internet pretty much on a dare. Do you need to know more? Go, download, spend your weekend indulging in what’s either one of the smartest pieces of idiocy or the dumbest expressions of genius that …

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