Newswire: Melissa McCarthy’s Michelle Darnell gets a generic new name

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has changed the name of its upcoming Melissa McCarthy-starring “white-collar crime comedy” from Michelle Darnell to The Boss. The movie is about an executive (McCarthy) who goes to prison for insider training and then tries to rebuild her life after bering released (but in a funny way), and apparently the fact that she was in charge of a company is the most important part of that synopsis. Otherwise we have no idea why the studio would think The Boss is a better title than Michelle Darnell.

Now, it’s not like Michelle Darnell is a great name (it’s no There Will Be Blood or Transformers: Dark Of The Moon), but at least it’s more unique than The Boss. Michelle Darnell is mysterious. It makes you wonder who Michelle Darnell is and why there’s a movie about her. The Boss is just …

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