Newswire: “Melania Trump” returns to The Late Show

Melania Trump’s recent interviews regarding Donald Trump’s “locker room talk”—otherwise known as his endorsement of sexual assault—opened the door for actress Laura Benanti to return to Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show and give her impression another whirl. The Tony-winning actress plays the former model as a pouting hostage/master of contouring, trying to pass her husband’s comments off as just things boys say, despite the fact that the “boys” in this situation happen to be very adult men. At least now we know what Melania’s rendition of “Bad Boys” would sound like, though we kindly request a full version from Benanti, who is an excellent singer.

Benanti’s grimace indicates her Melania is only pretending to be chill with Donald’s antics, as she explains she was previously unaware that when “American men gather to sport they alway brag of grabbing women by …

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