Newswire: Megyn Kelly left Fox News at least partly to get away from Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly continues to be the elephant in the room over at Fox News, driving away advertisers, bellowing at people, and, occasionally, taking a giant dump on the things the network finds precious. Like its relationship with former anchor and rising star Megyn Kelly, for instance, who departed Fox back in January in order to take a job at NBC. Now, The New York Times reports that the ongoing unpleasantness of sharing a network with O’Reilly’s piles of shit was one of the reasons for her move.

The Times received information from a number of anonymous sources saying Kelly sent an unhappy email about O’Reilly’s conduct last year, in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal that ousted CEO Roger Ailes from the company. The two network stars took very different tacks on the matter; Kelly wrote a book that contained a chapter describing sexual …

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