Newswire: Megan Fox thinks people are “brainwashed,” may also be superhuman

Megan Fox didn’t exactly have the best “big break” in Hollywood, seeing as how her arrival into the mainstream came from stuff like the Transformers movies and Jonah Hex, but a well-received arc on the most recent season of New Girl suggested that she’s a lot more competent than people might’ve expected from her résumé. In fact, if an L.A. Times profile is to be believed, she may have actually achieved a level of cosmic awareness that far exceeds that of the average Transformers viewer. For starters, ever since she was a kid, she says she’s been able to “just know things” sometimes, like she can “accidentally tap into” a “future string” and gain knowledge of events that haven’t happened yet. Basically, Megan Fox is like Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. She knows we’re all puppets, but she’s a puppet who can see …

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