Newswire: Meet Voice Of Baceprot, Indonesia’s hijab-wearing teenage metal prodigies

Every good teenager needs a hobby of some kind, but most teenagers stick with boring stuff like sports, part-time jobs, or hassling shopkeepers. According to The Guardian, a group of teenage girls from Indonesia have come up with something much more badass: they started a metal band. The group is called Voice Of Baceprot, or VOB for short (which means “noisy” in the Sundanese language), and the band’s three members—Firdda Kurnia, Eusi Siti Aisyah, and Widi Rahmawati—happen to be hijab-wearing, practicing Muslims who are intent on teaching people to look past stereotypes associated with teenage girls, metal music, and their religion.

The Guardian story says the band was formed by the girls’ music teacher, Erza Satia, who says that music is “a constructive, creative way” for young people to avoid things like drugs and premarital sex. The girls also live in a “relatively conservative” area of Indonesia …

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