Newswire: Meet The Fockers scribes to help you suffer through It’s A Small World movie

The only hope a reasonable person could hold out for Disney’s adaptation of its terrifying theme park ride It’s A Small World is that it would become a horror movie. Sure, Escape From Tomorrow revealed the dark inner-workings of Disney World’s cheerful façade, but even the simple melody of The Sherman Brothers’ “It’s A Small World”—which nightmare maestro David Lynch once told The A.V. Club was a “real torment”—suggests that a far more disturbing story is waiting to be told.

But it seems that Disney will offer torment of a different kind with this adaptation, hiring the comedy-writing team of Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio to hammer out the script for It’s A Small World. The duo has written such dreck as Meet The Fockers, License To Wed, and Marmaduke, so there’s little reason to assume that It’s A …

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