Newswire: Meet a diehard Rush fan in this exclusive clip from Rush: Time Stand Still

Last week, The A.V. Club premiered the official theatrical trailer for Rush’s new documentary, Rush: Time Stand Still. Narrated by Paul Rudd, it will be in theaters for one night only and looks at the legendary band’s 40-year career and what might be Rush’s final tour. In addition to celebrity contributions, the trailer also promised an intimate look at diehard Rush fans.

In this clip provided exclusively to The A.V. Club, the promise is kept, as viewers are introduced to Jillian Maryonovich, a “Rush Fan-In-Chief,” who is the creative director of RushCon: The Convention For Rush Fans. Citing fellow fans as a very “smart, artistic, and intelligent bunch,” Maryonovich details her transition from a “soul-crushing” job in advertising to a job as a senior designer for the White House, where she feels supported enough in her fandom to ask for time off work for Rush-related …

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