Newswire: Medical examiner says medication didn’t contribute to Chris Cornell’s death

Rolling Stone reports that a Michigan medical examiner has released the autopsy report for Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, revealing that, while several prescription medications were in the singer’s system when he took his own life last month, in the ME’s opinion, “These drugs did not contribute to the cause of death.”

Cornell’s family has contended for several weeks that his death by hanging was influenced by the medication in his system. The coroner’s report listed several foreign substances in Cornell’s blood, including a quadruple dose of Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication whose side effects include suicidal thoughts. (Other substances include a decongestant and a large dose of caffeine, thought to have come from No-Doz tablets that Cornell was taking.) But the medical examiner found that, while the amount of Ativan in Cornell’s blood was high, it didn’t reach the levels typically associated with the …

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