Newswire: McG is producing a workplace comedy, Kevin From Work, for ABC Family

The storied career of music-video-director-turned-explosion-documenter McG is an ever-evolving beast, constantly shifting as he McGs his way into the world. One day, he’ll be adapting a Spanish mystery series; the next, he’s jetted off to investigate the life of poet and illustrator Shel Silverstein. McG is like a shark, unable to ever stop moving, lest the last few letters of his name finally escape his gravitational pull and fly off into space to join their departed kin. Still, even a three-letter whirling dervish can develop affection for his old stomping grounds, and so it’s not entirely surprising that he’s once again working with ABC Family, his partners on the upcoming Mortal Instruments adaptation Shadowhunters, for another new series, a workplace comedy called Kevin From Work.

The show is set in a corporate environment, where a white-collar worker pines for his cubicle mate, despite her attachment to …

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