Newswire: McG, Damon Wayans Sr. not too old for this Lethal Weapon TV show

Deadline is reporting that Fox has issued a pilot order for its in-development TV remake of Lethal Weapon, tapping go-to Hollywood explosions enthusiast McG to direct. Developed by Chuck and Forever producer Matt Miller, the series will rewind time back to the first meeting of odd-couple homicide detectives Riggs and Murtaugh, allowing viewers to fall in love with all their amiable bickering, toilet bombings, and suicidal breakdowns all over again.

There’s no word yet on who Miller and company will tap to replace Mel Gibson as former-Navy-SEAL-turned-prototype-loose-cannon Riggs, preferred Gibson substitute Tom Hardy presumably being way too busy with his film career. But it does have its ersatz Danny Glover on the line: Damon Wayans Sr., last regularly seen on TV on his mid-2000s Showtime sketch series The Underground, and more recently seen saying some pretty dumb stuff about Bill Cosby, has been tapped to play the near-retirement detective …

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