Newswire: McDonald’s to serve breakfast all day as object lesson in “too much of a good thing”

In the ‘70s, McDonald’s introduced the Egg McMuffin, revolutionizing breakfast for lazy people everywhere. In the years since, the McDonald’s breakfast menu has expanded into a delicious wonderland of things that taste like eggs, things that look like sausage, and little packets of jelly. However, what makes the McDonald’s breakfast menu the most special isn’t its little sandwiches that you could easily make it home, it’s the fact that it comes with a time limit. If you don’t get your hungover ass out of bed on time, the little pictures of hashbrowns and burritos will roll over and become french fries and Quarter Pounders. It’s the same “absence makes the heart grow fonder” idea that tricks millions of people into eating a McRib every year.

Now, though, McDonald’s is going to put all of that at risk just so it can cater …

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