Newswire: McDonald’s new Hamburglar commercial asks if you can pay child support in burgers

In an attempt to appeal to the very specific demographic of nostalgic ex-Party City employees, McDonald’s recently changed the Hamburglar from an orange-faced cartoon character to a scruffy thirtysomething man. This particular incarnation of the sticky-fingered beef thief is married, although, based on a recent commercial featured on The Verge, he keeps his Hamburglar costume stashed in a box in the garage labeled “Yearbooks” so his wife won’t find it. (“Guy Stuff” was too obvious.)

Because women be naggin’ and men be lyin’ to their significant others, the ad—which, in a reflection of McDonald’s recent revenue woes, looks like it was filmed for about $20—features Mrs. Hamburglar interrupting her husband’s pitch for McDonald’s by calling him and asking him if he picked up supplies for what sounds like a child’s birthday party:

McD’s is after me (apparently, so is my wife …

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