Newswire: McDonald’s might soon offer delivery, since it was so hard to get before

For a long time, food delivery was relegated to specific genres like pizza and sandwiches, but the advent of apps like GrubHub and Seamless has made pretty much any kind of food delivery possible assuming you live in a reasonably large city. Still, certain restaurants still require you to put on pants and leave the house in order to procure their food, adding an ever-so-slight barrier between you and those good eats. One such restaurant is McDonald’s, but it sounds like the dream of having a delicious, meat-style McRib sandwich brought directly to your door may soon become a reality.

According to Buzzfeed, McDonald’s recently announced that it is “experimenting with different delivery methods,” including teaming up with third-party delivery services around the world. McDonald’s notes that it is uniquely positioned to transition into delivery, because “75 percent of the population” in the U.S., France, the …

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