Newswire: McDonald’s is headlining SXSW this year

South By Southwest has long attracted forward-thinking brands looking to capitalize on a captive audience of technology innovators, entertainment industry leaders, drunk college kids, and other people you wouldn’t want to spend 10 days standing next to in line. For three years running, Doritos put artists like Lady Gaga inside a symbolic giant vending machine. Last year, Subway herded festival attendees into #SXSubway Square, a sandwich concentration camp where they were asked to “Think Flatizza” while their brain activity was monitored by Subway scientists. Though controversial among those curmudgeons who always complain that the mega-corporations are crowding out the smaller start-up ideas that SXSW used to be about, like turning homeless people into Wi-Fi hotspots, few can deny that these strategies were very effective at making people aware of Doritos and Subway. (They make chips and meat-tubes, for those who didn’t go to SXSW.)

This year, that same …

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