Newswire: Maybe that Black Mirror episode (yes, that one) wasn’t so far-fetched after all

[This post discusses plot details from the debut episode of Black Mirror, which is currently streaming on Netflix, so maybe go watch that first.]

“The National Anthem,” the debut episode of Charlie Brooker’s “techno-dystopian” sci-fi series Black Mirror, is unforgettable TV, and not just because it features the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom being forced to have sex with a pig on live TV. But that is part of it, and watching the episode, viewers might shake their heads at Brooker’s audacity, wondering how on Earth he got away with depicting such a powerful individual doing something so obscene.

Could it be because he did do something that obscene?

Excerpts of a new biography of current British prime minister David Cameron are currently being serialized in the U.K’s Daily Mail newspaper, and among the scandalous anecdotes of Cameron’s hard-partying college days—hard drugs, casual …

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