Newswire: Matthew Weiner actually explains the Mad Men finale in a new interview

(Hey, did you read the headline? Yes? Okay, then don’t get mad when you read major Mad Men plot points in this article. Thanks.)

Everyone who saw the Mad Men finale has a theory about it. Even series star Jon Hamm has speculated on what he thinks that fateful cliffside meditation session means for Don Draper’s future. But the final authority on the subject is Matthew Weiner, who created the character and wrote the final episode that wrapped up his seven-season journey. But Weiner hasn’t had a lot to say about it—until yesterday, when he talked about it in an interview with novelist A.M. Homes at the New York Public Library.

First things first—Don does go back to McCann-Erickson, and he does create that Coke ad. Weiner says he’s known this for a long time, and told Hamm about it a while ago …

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