Newswire: Matthew McConaughey prepares to crash the Magic Mike Live party in Las Vegas

It’s generally accepted that the McConaissance kicked off with Matthew McConaughey’s role in Dallas Buyers Club back in 2013, which earned him many accolades in 2014, including an Academy Award. But McConaughey was no slouch in 2012 either, turning in a sweaty, compelling performance as the promoter and gatekeeper to the beefy, well-oiled paradise of his Xquisite Strip Club. His drawling antics might have been missing from the sequel, but McConaughey has fond enough memories of gyrating with Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello that he’s prepared to don the assless chaps again for the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas.

In an interview with E!, McConaughey reveals that, while he hasn’t officially been invited to participate in Tatum’s new show that’s dedicated to pleasing the ladies, he’d be happy to on all the fun (and ones).

Specifically, McConaughey is prepared to “show …

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