Newswire: Matthew McConaughey might star in cocaine drama White Boy Rick

After playing The Man In Black in The Dark Tower, Matthew McConaughey is now in talks to join a movie called White Boy Rick, which is almost a funny coincidence. The two films are about as unalike is they could possibly be, but one has a man in black, the other has a boy who is white. See? Almost funny.

This comes from Deadline, which says the film comes from director Yann Demange and that it’s about Richard Wershe Jr., a real-life undercover informant working for the police and the FBI. At 17-years-old, Wershe’s undercover work became actual work, and he became a major drug dealer in Detroit. After the FBI found him with 17 pounds of cocaine—an explicitly un-funny coincidence—Wershe was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Still, “ethical questions remain” regarding just how much of a role the FBI played in pushing him …

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