Newswire: Mattel and Uber join forces to offer First Order Stormtrooper car rides

Force Friday has been in full swing since Thrust Thursday (we just made that up), with diehard fans camping out for a chance to claw at a Finn toy or Kylo Ren’s Snowspeeder Lego set. Naturally, some of the more impressive toys have already sold out, but you can probably still pick up a lunchbox or pencil case, or these Chewie crocs.

But if the scale of these toys is just too small for you, and you happen to live in Manhattan, you can catch a free ride in a Stormtrooper car courtesy of Mattel and Uber. CNET reports that Hot Wheels has teamed up with the car service to promote its First Order Stormtrooper character cars with a costumed troop of Dodge Chargers. If you’re lucky and/or fast enough to secure one, you’ll get a free 30-minute ride, a Hot Wheels diecast car, and a …

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