Newswire: Matt LeBlanc to confuse audiences by playing a dad, not a friend, in CBS sitcom

With Episodes likely coming to a close after its fifth season, Matt LeBlanc has been securing TV gigs wherever he can find them, including near London (baby!). But according to The Hollywood Reporter, LeBlanc has also just landed a job that’s a little closer to home—the actor is set to star in and executive produce the CBS sitcom, I’m Not Your Friend, from That ’70s Show writers Jeff and Jackie Filgo.

The series is not, as we initially thought, a delayed sequel to the Friends spinoff, Joey, in which Joey Tribbiani becomes a Hollywood power player and disavows his New York clique. I’m Not Your Friend will star LeBlanc as a husband, father, and contractor, any role of which could conceivably occupy enough of his time to make friendship an impossibility. But the title seems to be a reference to the character’s parenting style, which …

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