Newswire: Matt Damon canceled his Whitey Bulger project because of Black Mass

Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger in Black Mass certainly seems like a terrifying figure, what with his big sunglasses, penchant for walking forward while firing a shotgun, and weird hair, but apparently he’s so terrifying that even Hollywood tough guy Matt Damon is afraid to go up against him. That’s what we’re taking away from an interview he gave to The Hollywood Reporter, at least. In the discussion, Damon suggests that the Whitey Bulger project he was working on with Ben Affleck has been put on hold because he doesn’t want to “tell that story twice” if it turns out that Black Mass is “kind of a seminal Whitey Bulger story.” He adds that his version was “very, very different” from the Black Mass script, and that it would’ve gone a “very, very, very different way,” so maybe there’s still room in Hollywood for …

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