Newswire: Matt Bomer to play Montgomery Clift for HBO

Matt Bomer has signed on to play Montgomery Clift in an HBO Films biopic of the famed Hollywood star. The film, entitled Monty Clift (as he was known to most around town), will examine his rise to stardom in such films as From Here To Eternity and A Place In The Sun, as well as his struggles with guilt over concealing his homosexuality from the public. Bomer previously worked with HBO Films on Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart, and will now be directed by Larry Moss from a script by Christopher Lovick on Monty Clift. As with The Normal Heart, hopefully this will be another star-studded affair where we’ll finally get Nick Offerman playing an aging John Wayne in the small screen version of Red River, or Lindsay Lohan reprising her chameleon-like performance as Elizabeth Taylor.

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